As I was drivng  home tonight, the thoughts I had my sophomore, junior year of college came back. I thought of many ways to kill myself in my car– hitting a curb to flip over, running into a light pole, or veering off into a ditch– but as I rounded the corner of CE King and the Shell gas station, I saw a man in a black hoodie hugging his knees to his chest. After seeing that, my mind and thoughts became focused and centered on him and why he was at that corner in fifty something degree weather hugging his knees to his chest. I don’t know why that image of him stuck itself in my head but now all I can think of is writing a story to fit that image of him.

SIDENOTE: Writing is what I live for and there are no expectations or pressures of being perfect. Writing for me is like smoking; suck in all the negative and positive shit and breath out everything to the wind and repeat.



Medusa Reanimated 

A pictured I colored. Feeling inspired and relieving stress. 

First blog post

I am super excited to get started because I have talked to my fiancé about doing something like this for the longest especially since I love to read and write. Writing is a passion of mine and something that I have been good for as long as I could remember but I didn’t get into writing creatively until high school. I am glad I took the English courses I did in high school that I could discover my passion to write creatively and go to college for it.