Five Minutes

Five Minutes

to let loose your breaths of reasons for him to stay,

to reach out and grab him by the gray Polo shirt

you bought him for your seven-year anniversary,

to look in his galactic blue eyes before they are stained

with red and closed forever,

to whisper one last time I love you

before he’s lost to you.



Can I Be Honest?

Can I Be Honest?

I’ve been there once.

It was dark. No road. No one in sight.


The only thing that brought light

to the darkness was the smell

of chocolate and your rich earthy scent.

I kept my eyes closed to the darkness

but the smoothness of your warm hand

opened my eyes to a blinding light.

I never wanted to be saved

I never thought I could

If I’m going to be honest,

a small part of me hoped

you would





The soft touch of your lips on mine reminds me

of that morning when he left right after a sweat-

filled tossing under our brown and blue sheets.


Time at work for you was long then and that time

did not permit an ounce for me. I found it elsewhere.

He was the boss and I, the attractive blonde


secretary whom you slept with during those long hours.

He caressed my brunette hair as he gently laid me down

just how you used to do whenever the clock hand struck


5 PM and not AM.

That was a Thursday.

Part 2- Milly and Hunter

Part 2- Milly and Hunter

Milly reached the man in the middle of the trail. He was breathing hard with his hands on his knees and Milly looked around them at the forest. It was deadly quiet and the bow began to shine from its consumption of the White Shining’s light.

“Follow me and do not stray from this trail.” Milly gripped her bow tighter as they walked back to her house. The man looked up and around the forest noticing how still they were to imitate the trees. He looked at Milly who stood about four foot eleven against the trees and about three feet compared to the Watchers and the townsfolk. Her black pixie hair and soft lavender eyes left his mouth in the shape of an O as he studied her sharp eyes looking into the trees. She moved quickly but never taking her eyes off them and he followed looking at her the whole time. Inches away from her porch, their movement could be heard and Milly drew back the string and the light from the bow formed the arrow. She waited and a fog along with a slight wind began to brew from the left side of the forest. The fog smelled like peach cobbler straight out of the oven with a pinch of cinnamon on top. It was deadly to non-Watchers.

“Hold your breath and don’t breathe until I say so.” Milly yelled and fired at the ruby red eye emerging from the trees.

The man did not listen and instead watched with twinkling maroon eyes as the black-haired woman release the arrow into the darkness approaching them. Before the arrow dispelled the Watcher, it looked towards the man and smiled. Milly saw it and dragged the man inside to her home. She locked the door and took the small twinkle of light from the bow and sprinkled it over the door.

“What does that do?” The man asked before his attention switched to the window.

“What the hell were you thinking?”

The man snapped his eyes to Milly who had both feet firmly planted and hands on her hips looking up at him. “What do you mean?”

“I told you to hold your breath. So, why didn’t you? That stuff is not only dangerous to the townsfolk but especially to us, guardians.” She crossed her living room to the bathroom and grabbed the med kit.

“The way you look, you are clearly a Guardian. Just listen to me from now on.”

The man scrunched up his face which Milly didn’t notice. “What’s a Guardian and why are you fighting with the Watchers? Aren’t they your friend?”

“Didn’t you wake up near a big old book with moss and mushrooms surrounding it?” From the look on his face, Milly took that as a no and found it weird since all Guardians born from those mushrooms did wake up near that book, but maybe something changed since the birth of Guardians ended with her. “The book is something like a giver or caretaker. It gives us our name, power, and weapon. Like for instance, my name is Milly and my power is light which is helpful because my weapon is OWL, a bow.”

He still didn’t understand and Milly furrowed her brows. “So, you don’t have a name or weapon?” He shook his head. “Well, this is troublesome. You need a name for now.”

Milly walked over to her shelves of books in her tiny home compared to everything outside and started looking at the authors’ names for ideas.

“Hunter. Call me Hunter.”

Milly turned back to him and really looked at him. His hair was an orange rustic color like the sunset and his eyes were maroon but gently twinkling. Were male Guardians always this tall? She had to take breaks from looking up at him and she noticed whenever he smiled, there seem to be an extra set of canine teeth at the top of his mouth. Only watchers had teeth like that. His maroon eyes met her lavender eyes and he smiled sweetly at her before turning his attention to the shelves of books.

Return to Warmth

Return to Warmth

The darkness is a signal for him to leave
But he doesn’t. 

The rumbling of moans
from the thunder and I 

doesn’t deter him
The warmth from his heart

protects him from the cold
January rain and rejection

feeds his eyes
The terrible energy 

to not look away.