It Could Be Worse

Red ants crawling in the forbidden places 

Snakes slithering around my neck

I’m gasping for air as my lungs cave 
No message or call from you until 5AM 

Pictures of you and your assistant surfacing
Things could be much worse 


Space Between 

As your callous hands runs up my thigh

exposing my bare flesh, I am jolted alive. 
As your steamy breathe caresses my neck

leaving goosebumps in its wake, I am 

As the space between us lessens 

So does my patience to taste you. 



I hate you

I love you

I miss you

I need you

Get away 

Never return 

Don’t come near

Why did you leave me

Don’t go

I need you here

I miss you

Five Minutes

to let loose your breaths of reasons for him to stay,

to reach out and grab him by the gray Polo shirt

you bought him for your seven-year anniversary,

to look in his galactic blue eyes before they are stained

with red and closed forever,

to whisper one last time I love you

before he’s lost to you.


Can I Be Honest?

I’ve been there once.

It was dark. No road. No one in sight.


The only thing that brought light

to the darkness was the smell

of chocolate and your rich earthy scent.

I kept my eyes closed to the darkness

but the smoothness of your warm hand

opened my eyes to a blinding light.

I never wanted to be saved

I never thought I could

If I’m going to be honest,

a small part of me hoped

you would




The soft touch of your lips on mine reminds me

of that morning when he left right after a sweat-

filled tossing under our brown and blue sheets.


Time at work for you was long then and that time

did not permit an ounce for me. I found it elsewhere.

He was the boss and I, the attractive blonde


secretary whom you slept with during those long hours.

He caressed my brunette hair as he gently laid me down

just how you used to do whenever the clock hand struck


5 PM and not AM.

That was a Thursday.