Negativity Crowding My Mind

Negativity Crowding My Mind

Gazing into the darkness of my room

my mind wonders throughout;

What if I never…

I hate the way I…

Please let him/her be okay…

The longer I stay within darkness,

the more I feel its grasp tightening.

I can no longer find an escape 

until the brightness from the Sun

peeks through my blinds and awakens me


Sleeping Beauty (redefined)

Sleeping Beauty (redefined)

Awaken from a wondrous sleep 

with a mop atop of your head

and dry saliva trailing from mouth

to chin. 
Your sweet prince walks in and places

a kiss on top of your forehead

as well as the unborn child. 
You lay back down for another five 

minutes while your prince cooks 


Stitch Me Up

Stitch Me Up

Replace my old tattered heart with a new one

Take out my dead, cried-out eyes and give me fresh, vibrant ones 

Remove my battered and disfigured arms and legs

Fix me up to look pretty for my next master to play with and discard

Space Between 

Space Between 

As your callous hands runs up my thigh

exposing my bare flesh, I am jolted alive. 
As your steamy breathe caresses my neck

leaving goosebumps in its wake, I am 

As the space between us lessens 

So does my patience to taste you.